Decorated Apron Craft Kit

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You know we love baking and cooking together at Peak Mom HQ. This kit is the perfect what to make that family time especially fun and to provide kids with an opportunity to connect it in their minds with a fun related craft. It has everything a child needs to create a personalized apron.

Each kit includes the following:

  • One adjustable children’s apron sized for ages 2-6 or 7-13
  • Five Crayola brand fabric markers
  • One 10-inch long handle wooden kitchen spoon
  • One iron-on patch in a baking-related design (designs vary slightly, but are all cupcakes or donuts)
  • One sheet of baking-related stickers
  • Laminated insert with list of kit contents plus project instructions

This kit is officially recommended for ages 3+ since it involves fabric markers.

Peak Mom donates 10% of its profits to the Bay Area Crisis Nursery.