Mira's Pumpkin Muffins Baking Kit

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Looking for a fun fall activity or a sweet gift to brighten the season for someone else? Mira, age five, designed this kit just for you!

Each kit includes the following:

  • One box of Pillsbury pumpkin quick bread and muffin mix
  • One orange and white striped premium quality, 100% cotton dish towel, 20 x 30 inches
  • One 10-inch wooden spoon
  • 12 orange and yellow paper and foil cupcake liners
  • One laminated insert with information about the kit's contents and Mira's Baking Kits in general

To make the muffins you will also need two eggs, 1/3 cup vegetable oil and 1 cup of milk.

About Mira's Baking Kits

Mira absolutely loves baking and wants to make it easy for other kids to enjoy it, too. She has talked a lot about starting a baking business when she grows up, but decided to announce to her whole class last spring that she was actually starting one for Valentine’s Day, so she designed her first kit in time to meet that goal.

That first kit sold out quickly and Mira was able to make donations to the Bay Area Crisis Nursery and Shelter, Inc. and still have money to put towards some new soccer equipment. Since then she has sold additional custom and seasonal baking kits and is very proud of her business and the donations she continues to make to those community organizations.

As always, 10%(+) of the profits from Mira’s Baking Kits sales will go to the Bay Area Crisis Nursery and an additional amount will be donated to Shelter, Inc.